Atlas Mountains trekking & Sahara desert Tours

Few things are memorable in life, but if you ever get the opportunity to tour Morocco and its breathtaking Atlas  mountains, you have an array of opportunities to choose from. Whether it is a holiday, a research work, a vacation or a routine, if it’s your first time or you are quite familiar with the Moroccan terrain, Amazing Toubkal Trek has got you covered. We have tantalizing offers designed to make each moment of your adventure not only memorable but also fulfilling therefore worthy of your time and money. At Amazing Toubkal Trek, we anticipate your every need and get to work on exceeding them. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. We help you to plan and prepare for the trip of your choice. All you have to do is choose the date you want to travel and notify us of some other peculiarities, we got the rest covered.

We organize tours for groups like, families, friends, colleagues, students and the others. We also fix individuals into groups. You don’t have to worry about being on your own.

Atlas mountains & Sahara Desert tours

Our packages feature enjoyable treks to the infamous  Atlas Mountains. We also offer multi-day  Sahara Desert tours. This includes a camel ride so you can be quite the Arabian. Therefore, if you have some time to spend in Morocco, you don’t have to bother about being bored or idle. You can watch the golden set and rise of the sun from these mesmerizing perspectives. You can sleep under the glittering stars and roll on sand dunes.

Moroccan tour sure guarantees strong cultural and natural attractions that will awaken and lose your inner person. It is simply a grand opportunity to refresh your person and free your innovative and creative ability. This is the kind of experience you want to build on and make reference to.

Amazing Toubkal trek has a team of professional and experienced guides who will ensure your safety and engagement no matter the bouquet you choose. Trekking is our DNA, where we are concerned, it is innate, we are born to trek and it’s our passion. Atlas Mountains of Morocco contain some of the best trekking sites. Together with the Berber people, we take you through the centuries old path that gives the best view of the mountains.

The period also varies, from short easy treks to 3 weeks trek or longer. We also have trekking options from the tea-Berber house trekking to camping. We have packages for seasons as well. You can ski down the mountains in winter or just climb at other periods. Our services cover the whole year and we are willing to go even farther than you would let us. This is a beautiful opportunity for you to climb the first and second highest mountains in Africa.


Be completely enthralled in the charms that Morocco and her heights offer.

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