Toubkal Trekking Adventures

Toubkal trekking adventures: A wide variety of treks around High Atlas Berber Villages and to the summit of Mount Toubkal.
The Toubkal region is full of wonder when talking about heights in Morocco. It contains the highest peaks in North Africa. The Toubkal Massif is located in the western part of the High Atlas and is one of the best sites in the world to go trekking. It has a smooth well-worn path that reinforces your adventure spirit. It features a massive ancient rock which overlooks the Haouz plain in the north and mountains Siroua and the Anti-Atlas to the south. This area is the most frequently visited in the High Atlas for good reason; it connects people with nature in the most engaging way. What more? It is only two hours away from Marrakech making it close to everyday life in case you need a quick break.

It takes just a couple of days to explore the Toubkal summit. The whole area when bare before your eyes is an exceptional sight making the stress worthwhile. From the peak, you can see the outlay of the Atlas Mountains and how they seem to form a spine across Morocco, thereby, dividing Atlantic coast and Sahara desert.

Our Toubkal Trekking Adventures

toubkal trek 2 days

Mount Toubkal trek 2 days

Toubkal Trek 2 days: Have you ever thought of climbing the renowned and highest peak in Morocco and North Africa (Toubkal summit)? Why not book for the Toubkal trek 2 days. Jebel Toubkal is 4167meters high above sea level. While on the tour, you get to enjoy spectacular views of the hills, high Atlas Mountains, […]

2-day Atlas mountain trek

Atlas mountain trek: Early morning we will leave Marrakech and drive to Imlil village in the High Atlas. Imlil is the principal trailhead for trekkers. After around 1 1/2 hour we will arrive at Imlil village. We start the trek into the mountains with our team of mules and muleteers, overlooking irrigated terraced fields of […]

atlas mountain trek
mount toubkal climb

3-day Mount Toubkal climb

Mount Toubkal climb: 3 days trek to make the ascent of Jebel Toubkal, the highest summit in North Africa. Toubkal is, of course, the highest and thus most people’s principle objective, many find that Toubkal affords a more interesting climb. Certainly, afford equally spectacular views across the Atlas mountains that on clear days can extend […]

3-day Imlil Ourika valley trek

Imlil Ourika valley trek: A superb 3-day trekking in the high Atlas, including the beautiful Imlil and Ourika valley. During this trek, you will experience traditional Berber life, stunning scenery, and also it is a great way to experience trekking in the high Atlas for all abilities. Duration: 3 days Period: From April to October Trek Grade: Medium to Hard Maximum Elevation: […]

Imlil ourika valley trek
berber villages trek

3-day Berber villages trek

Berber villages trek: 3-day Trek in the high Atlas valleys to discover some of Morocco’s hidden treasures. You will experience spectacular panoramic views, old villages, learn about Berber culture and traditions. You will also spend nights with local families in the Berber villages, to experience the countryside first hand and Berber hospitality. Duration: 3 days Period: Throughout the year […]

4-day Berber village life experience

Berber village life experience: During this trip, you will spend 4 days with the Berber village people of the Atlas Mountains and get a taste of what their life is like. The trip starts off in the stunning Imnane Valley that is known for the small villages that are basically carved into the side of […]

berber village life experience
mount toubkal trek

4-day Toubkal trek

Toubkal Trek: A fabulous 4 days trekking option to the summit of Mount Toubkal, using a route through the higher passes of the Atlas Mountains. Toubkal trek from Oukaimeden will allow you to have an impressive view of the high mountains, the views of several Berber villages and meet friendly Berber people. Duration: 4 days Period: Throughout the year […]

4-day Mount Toubkal ascent

Mount Toubkal ascent: This challenging trek offers dramatic scenery, and will take you to the beautiful Atlas Mountains through the Azzaden Valley to Toubkal summit. We offer this trek for those trekkers who are looking for a circular trekking experience and are short on time. Duration: 4 days Period: May to October Trek Grade: Medium to Hard Maximum Elevation: 4,167meters (Toubkal […]

mount toubkal ascent
hike around berber villages

5-day hike around Berber villages

Hike around Berber villages: The High Atlas Mountain near Marrakech is a trekking haven for adventurers from all around the world. Our breath-taking hike around Berber villages adventure will give you a taste of what the High Atlas Mountains and Morocco have to offer. The route will take you through vibrant Berber villages and stunning […]

6-day Berber villages family trek

Berber villages family trek: This trek will consist of 6 days with the Berber people, getting a glimpse of what their life is like. Set in the beautiful valleys of the Atlas Mountains, the sights to see are endless and the Berber villagers are sure to make you feel welcome for your whole trip. Duration: 6 […]

berber villages family trek
high atlas trekking

6-day High Atlas trekking

High Atlas trekking: 6 days trek to explore the Atlas mountains and ascent Mount Toubkal from Marrakech. The high Atlas trekking allows you to enjoy the spectacular views of different peaks and suitable high passes. You will spend time with natives of Berber villages while exploring their culture, history, and way of living. Total Duration: 6 […]

6-day Toubkal circuit

Toubkal circuit: One of the top treks in Morocco, with a number of spectacular high passes and circular route around Mount Toubkal. You will discover the diversity of Toubkal, by traversing the valleys from one to another and climbing high passes from which you will have stunning views of the high Atlas. At the end […]

toubkal circuit
trek atlas

6-day Trek Atlas

Trek Atlas: The High Atlas is known for its rich and varied Berber culture and its trekking trails. Trek Atlas is an exciting trip that will let you explore the high Atlas Berber villages and climb Mt Toubkal. you will enjoy the uniqueness of Berber culture, gorgeous views of the mountains with the colorful scene of […]

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